Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Joy of Photography

As mentioned in a previous post, I love taking photographs.  I was talking with a friend yesterday about how sometimes selling what you love doing and becoming successful could take away the pleasure of doing what you love.  I enjoy taking pictures and don't ever want to lose that joy - the joy of looking through the photos I've taken and seeing that one shot that made it all worthwhile.

My primary subject is landscape. There is so much beauty in this world we live in that I can't help documenting it.  So here are some of my favorite photos.



My Backyard

Birch Logs

Washington, DC

Niagara Falls, Canada

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon


Lone Oak - California

Mill Stone

Sequoia Trees

Winter Scene

From Covered Bridge

Washington Bridge, NYC

Washington Crossing Boat

Window - California

Wrigley House - Arizona

Fall Scene

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them.   


  1. WoW - those are wonderful ☺

    Love the pink cabbage and the marigold underneath.

    Is that your leetle house in the garden . . . sooo cute in the snow. And the Birch Logs . . and the Grand Canyon . . and the Icicles are fab ☺

    And the Sequoia Trees and the covered bridge. You certainly have 'the eye' ♥

  2. Beautiful photos Michelle - I love all of them. Any of them would look beautiful framed and hanging on the wall. You have a great talent.

  3. Technically, they may be photographs, but in reality, they are all art - beautiful - breathtaking! Thanks for showing them.

    - Deirdre

  4. OMG.....michelle your photography is so outstanding...but, I think I may have said that before.....