Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day Eight....

 What a great day today was!

We left Kingston under cloudy skies..

 ...headed for Toronto to meet Ginette, one of my knitting/tennis friends from Ravelry

 How do you like her yacht there in the background?? hehe

Toronto is a beautiful city!

We had a nice lunch at a Dim Sum Restaurant and then headed out to Niagara Falls.  As soon as we checked in we unloaded the car extra quick and headed out to see the Falls.

Got the rainbow!!

Across from the Falls are these beautiful gardens...

We came back to the room for a bit and then waited until dark to head out.  Here is the view from our hotel room (that's the Sky Wheel!)
We went to the Midway and played games for a bit.  I am really good at one game and got enough coupons to win this Snowman..
We played Putt Putt at Dinosaurland. They had this really cool volcano!

We road the Sky Wheel which was very cool!

Tomorrow morning we head back to the USA.  We will have our longest drive yet.  I'm hopeful we'll see some Fall color on the way.   I can't believe our trip is almost over!  It has flown by.

Turning in for the night.  Will report from the Poconos tomorrow night...


  1. I love that your rainbow arc matches the curve of the Friendship Bridge! And did you special order extra mist for Horseshoe Falls?

    Once again - great pictures - it looks like it was another wonderful day together exploring.

    - Deirdre

  2. Oh what a great day it was! We went back to our childhood and played like kids tonight! Niagara Falls is a great place to visit! It will be good to be back in the good ole USA tomorrow, but had a great time touring Canada!

  3. Fabby piccies again - you are going to have a wonderful album when you get back.

    The Gardens are glorious - I love leetle doorways that arch over . . . and you can see the leetle bushes I lovingly tend too ☺ With my nail clippers!

    The Falls look wonderful - and you have your johnny coats on ☺ Heeeeeeeeeeee!

    Can't believe how quickly it has gone and that you will soon be back terrorising . . . uh, I mean entertaining us on the boards ☺