Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day Ten....the last day :(

Today is the last day of Michelle and Gayla's Excellent Adventure :(

But first let me catch you up on our night last night!  We checked into our hotel around 5:30 pm and unloaded the car.  Got settled into our room and about 7:00 pm went down to the restaurant to have dinner.  Through the windows in the dining room we watched as rain came down soooo hard I could barely believe it!  I don't know how much they got but it was alot!

So our last day started with overcast skies....
We headed for Bushkill Falls with hopes of some clearing.  Our arrival at Bushkill Falls was still overcast but at least it wasn't raining!

Our walk started right across from the Falls

Bushkill Falls is referred to as the Pennsylvania Niagara Falls.  There had been so much rain the night before that the river was all stirred up making the water brown.  It was amazing to be so close to the force of it!  We started walking down the path and it was really neat that they just built the "steps" into the landscape.  If the tree was there first you walked around

We walked up and around the Falls

To the top

Then we walked along the river that feeds the Falls

To a much calmer part 

As we were walking back there were three women ahead of us taking some pictures so in return for taking one of all them they took one of me and Gayla
We were very fortunate that the sun actually came out as we completed our walking tour and got back in the car to head home.  On the drive out of Bushkill Falls we had to drive slow

The guy in the car in front of us saw a little turtle trying to cross the road and stopped to help him along

As we pulled out of the park area and got on the highway the bottom of the sky fell out...

A little ways down the road it finally stopped raining and we found we were driving alongside the Delaware River and it was flowing pretty fast!  We took an exit that showed the road running along the river and found a walking bridge that spanned it.  The river was way out of its banks and there was some flooding along them.

We got home about 2:00 pm.  It sure is good to be home.  As fun as it is to be away its always good to get home.

Over the next few days I'll post a few more pics from the trip.  I know Gayla took alot of signs that were new to us so maybe I'll do a whole post of those.

But the vacation isn't over yet!  Gayla is here till Saturday so who knows what we'll get up to tomorrow!  I know it's going to involve alot of sleep :)


  1. I don't think I have ever seen so much wet . . . and I don't know how you managed to resist jumping in a rubber ring and riding the Falls ☺ Yee Haw!

    As for what to do with sis - have a drink, some ice cream, then hold her down and wax her lip ☺

  2. The Bushkill Falls were amazing! I'm so glad we got through them before it started raining yet again! The flooding was sad to see...this rain needs to head south to Texas! Great trip sister, I had a fantastic time!