Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day Three...

Well our luck is just jinxed on this trip!

We awoke this morning to heavy downpours.  Yes, more rain.  I am so sick of rain! And fog.  Lots of fog!  Here's what it looked like as we headed out this morning
First on our agenda today was the Flume Gorge in the White Mountain National Park.  This was pretty cool although it decided to start POURING rain about 1/2 way through and I was a drowned rat by the time we finished the hike.  It was really pretty and I'd definitely do it again - preferably on a really nice sunny day!

We saw our first REAL color today!

Here's what the 2.5 mile hike looked like

Once we made it back to our car and dried off a little bit we headed out to conquer the Mt Washington Auto Road.  I imagined it to be an easy 8 mile drive up to 6,000+ feet.  This is the tallest point in New Hampshire.  Well we go there and the nice man at the booth advises us that the temperature at the summit is 47 F and there were 33 mph winds with 50 ft visibility.  

Let me tell you this.  The roads were nothing like I imagined.  They were VERY narrow and there were NO guardrails and the drop off was VERY steep!  Needless to say I didn't get any pictures but Gayla has agreed to share some she took.  I have very high praise for my sister.  She was very good about not gasping at the drop offs on her side of the car. LOL  I'm sure there are indentations of my grip in the steering wheel.

By the time we reached the summit the entire top was completely engulfed in fog.  You literally could not see anything.  It was such a letdown.  But all that said, I would definitely do this again!
(these pictures do not begin to convey the majesty of these mountains)

Here is what the drive up looked like from my sister's point of

I have the official bumper sticker to proclaim I made this trip.  AND a certificate!

Well it's 10:00 and I'm exhausted so going to turn in.  No early start tomorrow...yay!!!

We leave the country tomorrow and head for Quebec!  Look out Canada! Here we come!!!


  1. Wow what a fabulous day! And yes, the pictures will never capture the majestic views we experienced today! We were not going to let the rain get the best of us! To bad we didn't purchase the ponchos at the gift shop before climbing the forge...oh well, wouldn't have created the same memories! :-) Can't wait to see Canada!

  2. Ooooh - the Gorge looks . . .Gorgeous ☺ Love the leetle bridge . .

    Didn't the man in the Booth hand you a parachute for the trip up? Looks fantastic and eerie with all the fog.

    Looking forward to Canada . . . here we come!! ☺

  3. Beautiful shots regardless of all the fog!