Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day Two....

Day Two started at 8:30 am and with lots of fog.

We drove through it and our first stop for the day was at the Green Mountain Spinnery.  I'm so glad we got to go here.  When we arrived they told us they had no power that morning.  There was a display just inside the door of their yarns and oh my goodness! So Rita came out and told us that she'd be happy to take us on a tour of the process even though none of the machines were working.  So with flashlight in hand we went off.  I sure wish the power had been on because I would have loved to have seen this place in action.  Here are a few pics I took on our tour

And from Green Mountain Spinnery I left with...

What an exciting start to an otherwise dreary day!

We haven't seen much color yet.  You can see where they're starting to turn but we're about a week early. Shucks!

Rita at Green Mountain Spinnery recommended that, since we had some time, we might want to stop through Bellows Falls, VT.  So we took her suggestion and visited.  It's a very cute, quaint town.  We walked through downtown and found an independent glassblower Rita mentioned.  He had some amazing pieces but we didn't get any :(

From Bellows Falls, VT we hopped over to Walpole to visit a chocolate shop named L.A. Burdick - Handmade Chocolates. YUMMY...

And we found a covered bridge on our way out....
From Walpole we went to Saxton Springs, VT so I could see where my amazing Darn Pretty Needles were "born."  I got to meet Tom and Linda Diak and Lisa.  Oh and Charlie (the dog).  Tom and Linda were very gracious hosts and allowed us to butt into their very busy day for a tour of their facility.  I was surrounded by soooo MANY beautiful, amazing needles ever!  I got to see in person my next set of needles. And I got to hold a pair of the metal interchangeables.  They are sooo nice! I also got a sneek peak of the crochet interchangeable. WOW!

Here's a couple pics I took.
The devastation from Hurricane Irene is still quite visible.  Just the little bit I saw made me sad.
We left Saxton Springs, VT and made our way to Windsor, NH where we went to Simon Pearce Glassblowers.  We watched the guys blow glass and it was fascinating!
Next on our agenda was St Gaudens Historical site.  Oh so many picture opportunities!
On our way from the Gardens to the hotel, we passed through Plaifield, VT and happened on another covered bridge
And wouldn't you know it!! Right across the street from our hotel is White River Yarn!
We finally made it to our hotel!  Settled in for the night.  We're supposed to do the White Mountain tomorrow but they're forecasting heavy rains. ugh.  We're going to try to at least get in the Flume Gorge before heading to St Johnsbury, VT for tomorrow night. 

More tomorrow!  Thanks for reading....


  1. What a fabulous day! Michelle mentioned that the power was out at the mill, but also at the glassblowers in Bellow Falls, Chris Sherwin's furnace was rebuilding and we could see his work in action! However, what an amazing day - so many gems discovered! Can't wait for tomorrow!

  2. What a great day . . .so many things to see . . . and the needles . . and the yarn!


    Going to rename your car the YarnMobile ☺

  3. Wow! What a fab trip so far and how wonderful to see your needles being made. Love, Eleanor x

  4. So exciting to see all the lovely yarn finds. White mountian is a pretty spot to go visit-there is a sweet little shop "Close Knit sisters" if you go ask about their beaded necklace pattern 8)


  5. This is so nice... I feel like I'm traveling with you! Hope ya'll have fun today!

  6. It's fun sharing the trip with you this way! It looks like a lot of fun. Great yarn selections already.

    - Deirdre