Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day Six....

So Day 6 started off guessed it.... FOG!!!  ugh

We took off and headed west to Montreal.  We took Rt 138 instead of the highway so we'd have some scenery.  It ran right along the river and was a very pretty drive.

By the time we arrived in Montreal the fog had burned off and it turned into an amazing day!  We checked into the hotel and headed out on the Metro (subway) to visit the site of the 1976 Olympics.

The velodrome has been turned into a BioDome

From there we went to the Olympic Stadium which seats 80,000 and is used now for sporting events, concerts, etc.

It also has the tallest leaning tower

This is the BioDome in the foreground and the Tower in the background

We went up the tower and saw the whole village as well as a large portion of Montreal

We stopped by the Olympic Pool on the way out and a nice woman from France took our picture.

We decided to sit down for a proper meal tonight.  Found a place called BatonRouge that was amazing!  I had the best BBQ Ribs, Chicken Tenders and Garlic Mashed Potatoes

So that's all from Montreal.  Tomorrow morning we head for Kingston, Canada. 
More tomorrow.....

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  1. Garlic mashed potatoes . . . Mmmmmmmm ☺

    WoW - another great day seeing fab things but I am beginning to suffer trembling - know as yarn withdrawal ☺

    Get thee to a yarn shop soonest I say.