Friday, September 23, 2011

Day Four....

Once again we woke to fog....

Not as bad as the last couple of mornings but sure could have used some sun...

Gayla wanted to see a glassblower in Wheelock, VT so we headed that way.  As we neared Wheelock Gayla called the artist only to find she had moved her studio.  Caught pictures of this stream though

Leaving Wheelock we headed north to Canada.  Today was a long drive but when we saw this it was all worth it

We breezed through customs and finally, for the first time ever, we are in Canada!!!

The first stop we made in Canada was the Tourist Information Center.  There we met a wonderful woman who gave us maps with our routes highlighted both to Quebec and Montreal.  We forgot to ask her name but decided we would give her the same name as my GPS - Fiona. So here is Gayla and Fiona.

We made it to our hotel about 3:30 pm and walked over to get a bite to eat.  We are now settled in for the night and knitting/crocheting. 

I would like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to our Mom.  She got maps and tour books from AAA for us and they have proved invaluable!  THANKS MOM!!!

Tomorrow we are hoping to spend all day in Old Quebec.  We can actually see it from our hotel room as well as the St Lawrence River. Keep your fingers crossed we actually have some sun!!

Good night from Quebec!!!!


  1. The best thing is that we do not have to lug all of our crap to the car tomorrow! Two days in one place - SWEET! Can't wait to explore Quebec tomorrow! FYI...Michelle hasn't turned over control of the car - not even to knit!!!

  2. Michelle - It sounds like Gayla wants to help drive ...

    Even though you have gotten rain and fog, your pictures are great! Enjoy Canada! We haven't made it to Quebec, but I've loved the other parts of Canada we've been to ... Montreal was our last visit and we enjoyed it - a very walkable and the food - YUM!


  3. Woo Hoo you made it ☺

    Sit back, relax, catch your breath and use the time to wax off 2 pounds of hair . . . ☺